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choosing a breeder 

Finding the right breeder is an important step and shouldn't be a spontaneous decision. Giant breed puppies' future health can depend largely on how they were cared for by their breeder during the crucial period when the brain, eyes, ears and bones are developing. We've assembled some tips and questions you can ask breeders to help in making an informed decision when then time comes to choose your new puppy.

Please do your research before purchasing a puppy. Read our checklist on Choosing the Right Puppy for more questions you should ask when interviewing breeders and selecting your new puppy.

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great dane & mastiff puppies online & in pet stores

Use caution when browsing for a puppy online. A professional website is not a guarantee that you're dealing with a reputable breeder. Some puppy mills may claim to have "family raised" puppies in order to sell them to unsuspecting buyers out of state, when in reality their breeding dogs may spend their entire lives in cages, producing litter after litter with no veterinary care, exercise, or loving attention. Since puppy mills are only concerned with the bottom line, they typically never test their breeding stock for genetic illnesses such as hip dysplasia, which can be easily prevented by breeding only healthy dogs. Puppy mills often broker their puppies to pet stores, so it's best to avoid purchasing a puppy from anywhere except directly from a reputable breeder. Visit the breeder in person so you can check out the living conditions of the puppy and the parents of the puppy.

what are akc papers?

The American Kennel Club (AKC) is an organization that registers and tracks the lineage, or family tree, of purebred dogs. When you purchase a dog with "akc papers," this means the dog can be registered with the AKC, and they can provide you with a pedigree, a document listing the parents, grandparents and great-grandparents of your puppy. Once your dog is registered, he/she will be able to compete in events if he/she is eligible, and has the opportunity to earn titles. When two AKC registered dogs are bred, the litter produced is eligible for registration.

AKC papers do not guarantee the health or quality of a puppy.

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what is a reputable breeder?

A reputable breeder:


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finding a good breeder guide to finding a good breeder

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