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Great Danes were originally bred hundreds of years ago by crossing mastiffs with greyhounds. Designed to assist in hunting wild boars, they were created with a good balance of size, strength and speed. Although great danes are no longer used for hunting, they still maintain these characteristics.

Great Danes should have a friendly, courageous, outgoing and loyal personality. A great dane should never be timid or aggressive. A great dane should be majestic in appearance. Males have a heavier, more masculine appearance, while females appear more feminine.

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great dane information

Average Life Span: 5-13 years

Average Height at the Shoulder: 30"-36"

Average Weight: 120lbs. - 200lbs.

Average Exercise Requirements: Moderate

Typical Adult Activity Level: Low-Moderate 

Grooming Requirements: Low

Personality: Friendly, Outgoing, Playful

lifestyle changes

An adult great dane can rest his/her chin on your kitchen countertop while standing on all 4 paws, and if they jump up can reach the top of the refrigerator. You can't leave your breakfast on the counter while you refill your coffee - it will disappear in a matter of seconds.

A great dane's wagging tail is very powerful and will completely destroy anything in it's path from three feet high and below.

Your great dane will probably take up more space on the bed than you do, and you may find yourself sitting on the floor while your great dane sprawls out on the couch.

Be prepared for a lot of attention. People tend to be very attracted to great danes, and everyone will want to pet your dog, chat about him/her, and ask if "you have a saddle for that horse."

The money you used to spend on designer clothes and shoes will now be spent on hundreds of pounds of dog food, toys and treats.

Once you own a great dane, it will be practically impossible to imagine living without one.

What's the Difference Between a Great Dane and a Mastiff?

great danes and kids

Great Danes tend to be good with kids. However, their massive size and strength can pose a problem with small children and toddlers. Small children can be easily knocked over or injured by a wagging great dane tail or romping 100 lb. puppy. Kids and dogs should always be supervised and never left alone together.

great dane potential health risks

akc confirmation show disqualifications

Docked tail, under minimum height, split nose, any non-approved color, aggressive behavior. Both natural ears (un-cropped) and cropped ears are accepted for show.

great dane colors

There are 11 common colors, 6 of which are approved for show. Show colors are Black, Fawn, Brindle, Blue, Mantle and Harlequin. Other common colors include Merle, White, Piebald, Mantled Merle and Merlequin.


AKC Great Dane Breed Standard

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